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Begged slavery never partway onto hangover by loneliness stray,

Sought captivation in your heart to catch light gone motions grey;

Concede! I made up of an amalgam mud, sand and water as man,

Sidra born from fire and light as other Angels and hoor! Put a ban;

Love reckon lingo used by God with prophets (PBUT) and messiah,

Messiah none other than “goddess-of-smile” Sidra Ordained Allah;

Beautiful day start from beginning to end with awesome mind set,

Lava of love burst burning all and sundry into leftover of ash whet;

Whilst get awoke do think of a selfless love pious, true and worship,

The very ignorance, block tweet and invalidate share arise tear-ship;

Takes an iota of second to evaluate amid love deposit and received,

Ages not be further cleavage to rule out a merger of souls deceived;

The moment we start taking life consent on earth share interaction,

Assure you on an Oath before God to stay obedient by no reaction;

Analogous successful man, successful lady by 113IQ needs Signpost,

A naïve sincere guy succumb before her will willingly not exist ghost;

Encompass good quality belongings in your flux by one named Zaffar,

Blind in love with you the “Queen Rose” care, foster and not duffer;

Span of star, public figure and an enthusiastic pageant grain limited,

When Adam (PBUH) made protector of Chastity of Eve, why belated;

Quit negative belief of age complex, who dies first? Million question,

Fraction of compatibility matters in one’s life as beacon at ease done;

The most powerful eternal relationship you ought to accept in adore,

Romance you akin to own mother’s purity grant minus wedlock more;

Life begins where in tardy age add-ons vanish get be seat on eye lash,

Awaiting you before birth as fated soul to merge with your soul flash;

Get not enter felony of upset do take tentative risk not agonize of age,

I keep you my next to God Almighty Who Ordain me live in your cage;

Not doable to live without my goddess shall die before feat hundred,

Otherwise would not have survived critical condition, but gone thud;

On fourteenth day Cardiac Surgeon prophesied God saved for reason,

Saw on Zoom found my heart aware of predicted one! Not be treason;  

Now, Prosthetic Aortic Valve facilitate my heart achieve year thirteen,

One in trillions survival confer upon God to serve my worship umpteen;

Be not upset by my expression of love in pious, truthful, revered spirit,

Your aim, goal, come close, renaissance, contentment shall have uplift.

Mind not my obsession to love you noble as intact part of life my come,

Forfeit am nomad of worship at your door knocking heart covert drum;

Ought to make veto efforts defeated am I Can have walkover my entity,

You shall find a slave previous to prostration as “Love-dame” certainty.



Somewhere stand  astray my preordained everlasting soul,

Miss her dangerously my sweetheart life sufferer of mole;

Heart originate known vest in her abode by rule composed,

Once stay be real neighboring God since dare live proposed;

Asked moon if it has seen my worship Cherub on journey sky,

Wander! Has she joined assignment on Purgatory for soul fly;

Moon, “She is goddess-of-smile in Universe! I bow her divine,”

My worship in prostration as Ordained, all planet stay ravine;”

Enquired from sun, “Have you seen my ‘Special One’ in space?”

Sun, “You are human, dare not fall in love by her not in race;”

“No sir! Dare not raise eye as Sidra, “Sidra-tul-Muntaha deity,”

Clipping life-leave as precursor thereto Izreil does soul vanity;”

Ask North Star, “Where has your worship gone, was over you?”

“She is goddess Chandlers me to guide gone astray struck glue;”

Pity! One feel alone since birth search fated soul pal through,

Is messiah with no heart to appreciate being worship screw;

The only way to seek her benevolence be primed to succumb,

Silence a symbol of living vegetable life shall pass render dumb;

Ought to reiterate,”Sidra! I love you with prostration ever last,

Shall die without your positive response my heart ignite blast;

Never betrayed by accepting anything fewer in your standing,

Need not to tutor land how to revere you, above board  aging;

Compatibity really matter irrespective age complex syndrome,

Accept one who takes you next to God as His goddess lest roam;

According to one logician, “Love get imprinted itself on a brain,

Never erased from memoir hang back impacted the heart rain;

Fester pang sharp as thousands of blades playing with deeper,

Not possible in human archives of experience felt but sleeper;

Always choose the right thing meant for you! Exist responsive,

Hearten your willpower to accept the one created be captive;

Right into your heart where God dwell as your witness of love,

One who fetch moon and stars in your lap! Betray not foxglove;

Learning somewhat new called “Art of sharing love” no danger,

At the moment, a stranger with no abode and you his plunger;

Inject him not love placebo as once chance miss is left eternal,

Time, tide, love await none, Victor is one who keeps it internal;

You’re vested to open entrance of heart as worshiper knocking,

Get ample of love in the name of God, Ordained not blocking;

Ocean of love written in archives only animate through rhyme,

Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Wamiq-Azra and Sassi-Punnu chime;

History shall show chapter of love above board by “Sidra-Zaffar,”       

Who could not hold love onto union of souls, gone Infidel duffer?  



Since universe created love in one or the other form remained in vogue, todate. Unit of love is measured as “Quantum of Love!” Where one loves one’s beloved at the altar of one’s life. God fell love for Adam (PBUH) thereto created him from amalgam of sand, water and mud. To make love complete created Eve from left rudimentary rib called, “Cervical Rib.” Asked Devil to bow before Adam (PBUH) in prostration, a unique forefather of human race.

Devil refused to bow before Adam (PBUH) as made up of mud. Whereas Devil was made from “Fire.” God punished him with extinction from heaven. Satan instigated elder son of Adam (PBHH) to seek wedlock with Sidra, the first and last beautiful parameter on earth and in heaven.  

Divine phenomenon existed, whereby son of Adam (PBUH) was to be married to his ensuing daughter. Second son of Adam (PBUH) was earmarked for his sister, Sidra. The elder brother Cain under abetment of Satan, murdered younger brother Abel qua he could avail wedlock with Sidra. God transformed Sidra to “Sidra-tul-Muntaha.” Assigned divine duty to be carried out through puppeteer of “Life Leaf” play, when ordain by God thereto death angel Izreil would take out the soul of deceased. Cleopatra the queen of Egypt to have unshared power in mind married her real brother. Cleopatra married Julius Caesar, after his death, married Mark Anthony.  Queen Zulikha of Egypt fell in love with Yousef (PBUH) later became Prophet. Love remained main theme of Roman Empire. Venus was taken goddess of wealth, health and beauty. Hercules was god of power, vigor and strength. Similarly, so many other gods and goddesses were innovated.  

Similarly, love flourished in Italy, Bishop of Terni, Valentine was convicted for professing Christianity in 269AD. During imprisonment, he fell in love with Vinnie, the daughter of Jailer, of Jail. Vinnie said to be most beautiful lady of history, off course no match to one at purgatory named Sidra. On the analogy of Venus, the goddess of beauty, voluptuous, wealth, health and luck, jailer’s daughter named “Vinnie.” Valentine started writing her love letters. After initial hatred and anger because of his old age, Vinnie developed a soft corner for him, too. She, too, wanted to meet her true and pious lover, but could not trace him anywhere

One day, she heard of a noble, pious, humble and prisoner under the name of Saint Valentine captivated in a Jail where her father was Superintendent of Jail. She tried her utmost to meet him. As in one of the love letters, he disclosed his identity to her. Through emissary, she started answering his letters, besides her own love letters. She wrote that his age of decades years old were immaterial as love was above such criteria. She wanted to meet her worshiper to have share interaction of love as per law of nature.


              On February, the 14th she maneuvered to meet him in the backyard garden of Jail. She reached the Jail and found a rush of people on main gate. A corpse was being taken out of gate. An old grey haired and supernatural human in the garb of angel smiling. People were showering roses, rose petals and flowers on his entity. Flowers emitting cologne mixed with smell of corpse. Each and every participant making “Cross” on his chest often. She got shock struck to know, it was valentine.

                   All letters written by Vinnie were called Valentine. The divine love, too, called as “Valentine!” So in February, the same day is called “Valentine Day.” Thereof, Lovers, better halves, engaged and tentative wedlock’s exchange letters, gifts and have dating in such relations. In Britain this day in vogue since six hundreds year, USA, Scandinavian countries and Germany.

                    Islam prohibits such hypothetical innovations and believe in one God and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Observing Valentine day is reckoned Infidelity on all fours!!


Dr Syed Muhammad Zaffar Bukhari.    

Prof. & Head, department of forensic Medicine &




Come to grips with” tree of anticipation” and memoir fructification,

When tree survives as an amalgam of termite, spray for rectification;

Dire fumigation with anti-termite may workout lest cutting for good,

No treatment yet invented to treat any plant and tree infected wood;

Cricket team of Pakistan suffer as “Lethargy Termite” at ground level,

Soil of Pakistan Cricket Board ploughed via fertile seeds embed devil;

Nation edifice fake hope out of proportion within standard in vogue,

When feet of mother monkey get burn she tear it’s brood such rogue;

Mothers never split distant the budding offshoots rather sacrifice life,

Pakistan Cricket Board gone an blend of lust, greed and bargain knife;

Ijaz Butt, Chairman PCB in outfit of mother splint apart it’s offspring,

Aamer, Asif and Salman made scapegoats for just delinquency hinge;

Non acknowledge them as legitimate children of PCB thereto a slash,

Had they been reprimand by “Mother Ijaz,” Pakistan would not lash;  

Bob Woolmer proved man of character, chastity, dignity and upright,

Could not bear carnage of “Gentleman Cricket” suffocate chest tight;

His death sequalae of cruelty and callous assault on his deliver right;

By those at helm of affairs in PCB under dynamic bargain of Shylock,

Of “Merchant of Venice” drama of Shakespeare, required blood balk;

Shylock reincarnated as Chairman PCCB and playing by blood barter,

Nation suffers, so do the people of Pakistan! Game squeezed cluster;

Najam Sethi, father of “Rigging Terrorism” in lieu of reverse off spin,

Called “Dosra” in cricket world using it to clean bold currency by pin;

Genuine players unfit fiscally to grease the palm of inexpert selector,

Trail track of their masters in ladder ruling country at National altar;

Have profusion of ill gotten wealth by parents conquer access cricket,

Delivers a yield of “Lotus Eaters” in matches abroad and home by rut;

Applicable the Universal truth of Field Marshall Slim in 2nd world war,

Cause of Japanese defeat vested in “Physical Courage” upshot in scar;

Keep on fighting on war front advance with heap of casualties suffer,

No “Moral Courage” for tactical retreat part of war fought  not duffer;

Advance, retreat, counter attack and ambush blend unified advance,

Same is the situation akin to all sports, cricket not immune to glance;

Asymmetrical, gigantic and weighty beyblade lay bare spot harmony,

Called “Teamwork” of superlative degree to beat teams by ceremony;

In Pakistan’s Cricket team individual players struggles via cursory act,

Batsmen loft ball high into sky within pitch seek foe catch slow react;

Miracles due to wrongdoing of opponents taken fructification of pray,

Chance accrues once in a bloom! Rest confront artless yield like prey;

Being diehard disciple of “goddess-of-smile” prostrate facing my God,

Winning of World Cricket Cup under all clause to prove bonafide laud,

Sidra definitely my messiah as a curator of my life after God’s Ordain,

To love one’s death prove of eternal love under all state exist sustain.    






Alas! “I did not compromise with Principles of politics, miss life,

Had facilitation of foolproof run off from gaol, refuse wow strife;

Happily took brimful poison cup of Hemlock to save my morality,

Kick off perk and privileges of triumph top level, no irregularity;

Allow not menially skilled class and schedule cast, be ousted from,

Politics the theology and worship of God falling in spiritual norm;”

Donkey-shoe-Makers in the attire of Horse-shoe-Makers undergo,

Undersized “Mental Faculty” unable to cope load yield deal bow;

Taking rule avenue as personal property using for buildup wealth,

Hold lots as their inherited slaves treat them like astray of health;

Plea power at helm of affairs as their maid raped at age of minor,

No first aid allowed to cruel tears and profuse bleed as are major;

No sense of realisation prevails taking masses as in wedlock maid,

Forget French rebellion king and queen drag out place on a spade;

Shattered to unidentifiable tatters lynching them to trees eternal,

Skeletonised piece of royals fell fickle here and there soul internal;

Such situation in Pakistan stand overripe make operation cleanup,

Firing Squad be made “Charge of Fire Brigade,” no basis be bishop;

Neither Gen Zia nor Gen Gillani had rights to crossbreed unlawful,

Offshoots play through fortune of Pakistan in hierarchy be  gleeful;

Camel Grazer clan, as well vested! Underdeveloped brainy faculty,     

Load camel by five mound sack five in number make journey long,

Cover hundreds of miles on foot ahead of camel taking it all along;

Loading and unloading Camel use shoulders as fulcrum, huge load,

Wedlock with “Queen of Time” doesn’t polish his personality bold;

Unfit for politics and hold crown rank in Pakistan, no Acumenship,

Resorts, “Middleman” with 10%, 50% and 100% money tear ship;

Open oppositions akin en route for “Sodomy Trend” turn-by-turn,

Loot and plunder Pakistan’s wealth at the price of livelihood burn;

During plane explosion incidence of Gen Zia exploration identified,

Whole denture! DNA naked upper jaw and lower jaw rectification;

Upper jaw precursor of MQM and Lower jaw forerunner of PML-N,        

Both claimant of uncrowned kingship of Pakistan! Masses be shun;

Later aspirant resorted to murder, mass murder for ransom money,

Fled the country for good, howling by “Drum Torn” voice be funny;

De-chastising daughters of Eve (Mom) ruthless, callous plus runny;

Had no regards for his own daughter’s mother taking her hold wife,   

Timber Market live burning carnage plus 300 laborer attain lowlife;

Army under vibrant command of Gen Raheel Sharif ought lookout,

Domestic terrorists initial concurrently foreign terrorists blackout;

Sidra-tul-Muntaha alias Sidra ought Cherub Purgatory a final blow,

Enough is enough rest be executed by Izreil take soul away by hoe;

Daughters of Eve made park in concert chastity vis a vis dischastity,

Even animals! Seek, wait and try for onset of heat in females clarity;

Survival of fittest in animal come in craze and remain of bulls leave,

Human beasts, still inferior to females, turn upside down even Eve;

Cain’s genes dominate in his branch updated who murder brother,

Abel for the sake of his ensuing wife Sidra, later made not to bother;

Reign Purgatory maintain biodata of life and death play puppeteer,

Ordained! Confiscate the leaf thereto Izreil retune soul with no fear.  



To define a life tantamount asking the premise of vegetable,

Who knows asking for sketch of “Living vegetable?” Unable;

Some people merely born to hang about jealous of exquisite,

Feel them happy without minding their own dealing yet bite;

Ignore! Barking dogs rarely bites, only create loud voice fuss,

Human have gone bad than dog, it is most sincere, man cuss;

Piety reckon the domain of noble beings in saints and priests,

Saint(ess), Priest(ess) and divinity Cherub by messiah artistes;

Symbol of God come into flower like smile chandler via teeth,

Logically, a celebrity in software manufacture divine beneath;

CD-ROM memoir blend of intellectual, IQ 113 and brain drain,

Newton, Einstein, Bernard Shaw and other scientist nay brain;

Later and akin logician sky little! Compare to goddess-of-smile,     

The full messiah in self none other than Sidra gone away exile;

Per fate! Utter, “I love you, Sidra in the name of God trust me,”

Volcano at flashpoint of explosion scorching  human and tree;

Very difficult waiting unfold of my love proposal’s answer back,

Life gone in terrain of vagueness, conscious cleavage age track;

Totipotent compatibility yet through an iota of trivial suit old,

Tired of content in abysmal valley of improbability be old gold;

 Answer shall come at corporal end of my life which has no bar,

Of difference of ages, only selfless submit before one’s adored,

 Pivot Ordain of God around being’s share interaction sail oared;

Often laugh when alone of confidence initiate for convey love,

Unbelievable for world to allow at tardy age where it foxglove;

Believe what my heart know to be true unbiased to conscience,

Spend life in deep valley of sleep at risk to whimsical conscious;

Suchlike in heaven came on earth at the identical time like Sidra,

Will of creator of world and universes the thereto fate be Allah;

Let we acknowledge the Glory of God for He be Exalted in night,

His ordains always remain wise! Decides merger of soul be right;

Outside Ordain a younger one or of same age proves not viable,

He only plays with fame and chastity blazing not meant reliable;

Ought to do the right things at appropriate moments lest rotten,

Life in no way encoded into foolproof infinity of survival gotten;

Learning always yield amazing new in world steadfast to Ordain,

Increments of ages don’t make unfit, Lion and Man root sustain.    



Too far exist barren desert of Bahawalpur, goal abysmal in limbo,

My beloved precursor of “goddess-of-smile” mother is dead; doe;

Her smile be my first Alma Matar of life deliver essential teaching,

Driving force infused in me, gladiator father taught art of arching;

Too, died! School teacher left world of ghosts, today, modern era,

Era of “Turn-by-Turn” rulers in Pakistan scavenging masses’ as cola;

Sadiqian tutor skilled pupil, “Do the right Fear no man!” Be rue life,

Life live name of struggle as enshrine in Sidra, Cherub allover strife;

Youth saw Cricket, Badminton and Tennis played concurrent three,

Masters in all, but admission to king Edward Medical College acne;

Introduced reverse of off-spin, now called “Dosra” victim of throw,

Dosra is a domain itself and not offshoot of off spin outcome throe;

Contrast to off spin where index finger come in use, yet all fingers,

All fingers by Lance Gibbs of West Indies for off spin correct aiders;

I used to bowl reverse with thumb mimic off spin delivery, but leg,

With off spin body action away from crease deliver leg spin by peg;

Leg spin perfectly delivered with off spin action, batsman deceive,

As and when called upon, bowled correct medium pacer by greave;

Studded with off swing, leg swing, leg cutter and off cutter wallop,

Artistic, stylish and solid hitter of ball dancing on pitch with gallop;

Excellent footwork never seen in attendance day players of Cricket,

Fond of dot balls in Twenty-n-twenty, One day and Test as anklet;

Fielding underhand from boundary line was necessary and catches,

Ought not to be dropped lest ouster inevitable! Bowlers be bashes;

Deliveries never chased like Greyhound, but diagonal anticipation,

Fielder reach before ball reaches, to stop any further run, save run;

Players placed at boundary line, sky high catches loft to be caught,

Had to run study ball and chasing it through fixed eyes on brought;

Players invariably amateur not of definite mercenary of today’s rot,

Beaten as Hogs/Wart hogs teams never careful worth hostility slot;

Bat akin to a lame duck and field like Heroine-Addict label modern,

Cricket hoodwink status,  repute and chastity of Pakistan live torn;

Cricketers had to manoeuvre kit at an altar of income purely salary,

“Amateur” cricket substituted by “Professional” one via bid agree;

Had ruined Tyson’s of cricket, yet buds to flourish, but fell trap ball,

Fixing phenomenon on parameter of, “Do as Romans do!”By brawl;

Pakistan cricket Board the cronies in footsteps with puddle drawl;

Merry making tours abroad, good for nothing, take family around,

World having luxury at the cost of board money as innate abound;

Had trivial Acumenship of deliverance of cricket! Career of players,

Not slaughtered torment Nation the same fate of today split layers;

Other countries themselves fine and ban their own players not ICC,

Left Aamer, Asif and Suleiman before Vultures to a screw tight key;

“Dot Ball” and or “Zero Yield Score” World champ speck dominate,

By Asad Shafique, Nasir Jamshed, Hafeez and Afridi loftier update;

“Dot Balls” sure wastage of runs coupled by score target handicap,

Required run rate pyramids into huge and uphill task archive scrap;

Fast bowlers fond of short pitched delivery  in untie comportment,

Bilal Bhatti gifting 90 runs in 10 over, Pakistan lost third match row,

Not good sign for World Cup of Cricket sequalae of one man show;

Najam Sethi holding PCCB in hierarchy directly and/or roundabout,

Minus zero knowledge of Cricket playing by demise of Nation flout;        

World class qualified coach Mudassar Nazar’s services not utilized,

Wasim Raja, Aamer Sohail and Asif Iqbal deem coaching penalized;

Ending of  “Life-Leaves” awaited by Sidra, who cherubs, but fearful,               

Firing Squad of Military Courts is used to recover Game not tearful.  




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